Got sewer clogs? No need to worry. Our Blocked Drain Specialists are well-equipped and highly trained to deliver world-class drain clearing services in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

What are the main causes of sewer line blockages?

  • Foreign objects such as wet wipes, baby diapers and tampons can cause sewer clogs
  • Tree roots can crack sewer pipes in search for water, eventually, causing complete blockage
  • Grease and fat can build up and attach to the interior walls of drain pipes

What are some of the drain clearing technologies and products used by the Blocked Drain Specialists?

  • High strength acid
  • Bio-Clean, an environmentally friendly drain cleaning agent
  • RootX, a foaming pipeline root control product
  • Electric Eel drain and sewer maintenance equipment
  • Water jetting machine

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Blocked Drains in Davidson

There was no way there could be another problem! Roy ranted and raged at no one in particular. The granny flat sat unassumingly behind him. It had been completed seven months ago. Before that he had gotten all his drainage systems completely replaced from the old cracked earthenware to the far more durable PVC. So how was there a blocked toilet and sink in his new granny flat?! They were the exact same symptoms that had alerted him the first time around in his own home. Roy could barely contain himself on the phone as he spoke with the Davidson Plumber who had done all the work for him. The Plumber promised to get out there that day to take a look.

Despite Roys frustration, the Davidson Plumber remained calm and friendly. He took a look at the fixtures he himself had installed and said the most calming sentence Roy had heard all week. “This is a crazy coincidence!” The Plumber exclaimed. He brought Roy to the kitchen and disconnected the waste pipe. He showed Roy the internals, which were coated in hardened oil and fat. “The hot oil poured down the sink solidified, catching the food scraps and creating a blockage. The toilet will be a simple plunge as it’s most likely a paper blockage!” As simple as that.

Roy would have a few choice words with his brother, who was living in the flat for the moment, but the Plumber was back in the good books. As the Plumber worked Roy apologised for his bad behaviour, it was inexcusable as the Davidson Plumber had always been helpful and on time. He followed the Plumber into the bathroom as the Davidson Plumber began to plunge. The Plumber worked hard plunging clear the toilet. He flushed it a couple of times once he was done to ensure the toilet was draining correctly before returning to the sink.

The Davidson Plumber had reattached the waste pipe and had poured acid down the sink hole to ensure all the debris would be eaten away. He now flushed water down the sink to get rid of the acid and broken up fat and food matter. For an efficient and friendly service to clear your drains, contact your local Davidson Plumber now on 0421 155 822!

If you need help with a blocked drain in Davidson or to organise scheduled Davidson Drain Maintenance call today on 0421 155 822.

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