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  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Hot water issues

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  • 1-hour response time, all areas covered
  • Over 125,000 cases of household plumbing emergencies handled each year
  • We guarantee our work 100%
  • Same day service
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Plumbing Emergency

Dorothy pulled the curtains closed. It was getting colder at night. Winter was definitely creeping up on them! She flicked on the lamp and proceeded into the kitchen to shut the venetian blinds. Dinner was sizzling in the oven, filling the house with the delightful aroma of baked potatoes, pumpkin and marinated roasted lamb. She stopped by the bathroom door and was about to close it to keep the heat in the main part of the house, when the sound of running water stopped her. Instead Dorothy pushed the door open. Water was spilling out from under the sink, draining down the floorwaste and pooling on the floor. She opened the door and was sprayed by cold water. She hastily closed the door and went in search of the home phone to call her local Davidson Plumber.

The Plumber arrived that night. He’d tried to help before he got there, but Dorothy hadn’t been able to turn the mini tap off to isolate the water supply and she didn’t know where her water meter was located. The Plumber got under the sink and shut off the mini taps. They were stiff, which was why Dorothy had had trouble with them. Once the water flow had stopped, the Plumber inspected the problem and found the flexible hose connection under the sink had burst from age, causing the flood in the bathroom.

While he was replacing, it he recommended servicing the mini taps as well, so Dorothy would be able to turn them off in an emergency. Dorothy agreed, and they both headed out to the front of the property so the Neighbourhood Plumber could locate and show her where the main water shut off to her house was located. They found it by her front gate, concealed by a very beautiful, but very large flowering bush. He turned the water supply off and they headed back inside. The Davidson Plumber immediately set up and got to work. He serviced the mini taps first, ensuring they were easy to turn on and off, before removing the damaged flexible hose and replacing it with a new one. Before he could turn the water back on, Dorothy requested he check the other mini taps as well.

She didn’t want a repeat of tonight! He checked the remaining mini taps. The only other issue was the taps under the sink in the toilet room upstairs. He serviced those as well, with Dorothy’s permission, before packing up and cleaning up his worksite. Dorothy couldn’t help but praise his efficiency and kindness at coming out at night! The local Davidson Plumber left just as the buzzer for dinner went off.

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