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Hot Water Services

Cynthia slumped into the bathroom. Today had been exhausting! The bush walk had taken hours! Covered in mud, scratches and with twigs and leaves in her hair, Cynthia was dying for a bath. It had been fun, but she didn’t want to go on another bush walk for quite some time … there was no way her friends were going to talk her into it again!
She stretched gingerly over the bath tub and twisted open the hot water, leaving it to fill while she hunted out the lavender bath liquid to sooth her aching muscles. And a glass of wine! She came back with her prized loot and stopped. The liquid in the white bath was not clear. The steamy water was a cloudy brown colour.

Cynthia turned off the hot tap and headed back to the kitchen, depositing the lavender and the wine glass on the dining room table as she went. The kitchen sink was suffering the same discoloured water from the hot tap. And then she realised. It was the hot water tank. How old was it now? 12, 13 years old? Had it finally given up the ghost? Cynthia picked her phone up off the bench and searched for a local Davidson Plumber. There were so many so she called a friend instead. They gave her a number and she called, expecting to hit voice mail or an endless dial tone. It was 5pm on a Saturday, after all. Surprisingly, the phone was answered and a Plumber was dispatched!

The Plumber had a look at the still filled bath. He then made a beeline for the hot water tank. The Davidson Plumber reached his verdict quickly. The tank needed to be replaced. It was filled with rust and there was no way to fix it. Cynthia was still dying for that bath, and there was no way she could live with rusted hot water, so she agreed eagerly. Surprisingly, he said he could install it for her now if she didn’t want to wait to tomorrow. Cynthia thought her eyes were about to bug out of her head. Of course she would love it installed tonight! He was already here, after all! So the Plumber picked up a tank and returned to install it in place of the rusty old one.

While he was occupied, Cynthia drained the bath tub and splashed cold water around the edges to make sure it was clear of rust. She then heated up her leftovers from yesterday and ate dinner. Once the Plumber was done she urged him to test the bath tub. He obliged and twisted the hot tap on. Clear warm water streamed out. It began to run cold again, but only because the tank hadn’t heated it yet. Give a little bit, he assured her, she would be able to have her hot bath!

Sure enough, Cynthia came back an hour later dying for a hot bath and successfully, hot water poured out!”

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